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Detox Naturally with Epsom Salts

Holiday season is fast approaching in Bali, and with it the inevitable hangover and accompanying immense pressure on the liver. Although our bodies were designed to cleanse themselves, with all we put them through they can sometimes use a helping hand…

Epsom salts are naturally occurring pure mineral compounds of magnesium and sulfate. Named after a saline spring in Surrey, England, Epsom salts have a huge range of uses including as an exfoliator, to remove splinters, treat athletes foot, clean bathroom tiles and to fertilize houseplants. The most common use of Epsom salts is as a bath soak, which is fantastic for soothing muscles and cramps, as magnesium and sulfate are easily absorbed through the skin.

As these minerals are known to remove toxins and detoxify, Epsom salts are often used internally as way to cleanse the liver after illness or once a month to keep it at a level of optimum performance.

How to take: on the day of your cleanse, eat a very light breakfast and lunch of fresh fruit and vegetables Mix 4 tbsp Epsom salt with 3-4 cups of water in a jar, and drink at around 6.00pm. Drink another cup of the mixture at 8.00pm. Combine juice from 1 lemon and 1 grapefruit with 1 cup of (quality, organic) olive oil and drink at 10.00pm before retiring. The magic happens overnight. In the morning, before eating. drink another cup of Epsom salt mix around 7.00am, then repeat at 9.00am. Eat only fruit and vegetables for the rest of the day. Drink plenty of water during your cleanse, and be prepared to take it easy for a few days!

Internal and bath grade Epsom salts are available in 100 gram and 500 gram packets at Earth Cafe & Market Bali 

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