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‘Cowspiracy’ Filmmaker Kip Andersen interviewed ahead of BVF17

Kip Andersen

Kip Andersen

Kip Andersen is an avid activist – one half of of the brains behind game-changing documentaries ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What the Health‘ (his partner is Keegan Kuhn) he is relentless in his quest to uncover the truth behind the agriculture and pharmaceutical industries in his respective films.

We caught up with Kip ahead of his headline appearance at the Bali Vegan Festival to talk all things vegan and his plans for the future.

You’ve been vegan for a number of years now – is there anything that you miss? 

This is my 10th year being vegan, and I don’t miss anything. I have gained so much from it that any minor craving has been replaced long ago with awesome new discoveries and tastes. Hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made. It just feels so liberating to be completely free from the horrific bloody animal ag industry.

What was the one thing that shocked you the most that you uncovered during the filming of What The Health? 

Going to North Carolina to meet people who live by the pig farms was really sad and shocking. Also, learning about all the drugs animals are fed, along with the horrors of what happens in slaughterhouses.

Did you find it more challenging to film Cowspiracy or What the Health? What was the most challenging part for you? 

WTH was kind of was easier in the fact we knew essentially the same story was played out in both films, just replace environment with health. But, we had to dig further into story development as a lot of personal things that happened to me was played out in Conspiracy, but then we finally figured how to do it, and then WTH became really good and we were happy with it. Cowspiracy only took 10 months from start to finish, and WTH took around 20 months.

Throughout the production of both films, is there one scene or image that has really stuck with you and why? 

Of course, filming the duck getting killed in Conspiracy was really impactful. But, going to the dairy farm and seeing and mostly feeling how sad all the dairy cows were, and all their babies locked up in tiny pens away from their mothers was really hard. On the other side, rescuing the chicken was great, as well as all the inspiring people at the end of both films really stand out.

Is this your first trip to Bali? What are you most looking forward to seeing?

I have been one other time before, and really looking forward to the whole experience of seeing the country again and all the great people who live here. It is fun to come back again, as kind of know what to do and not do / or go. It is such a great place!

What’s next for you and Keegan in your bid to help save the world?

Keegan is working on a film called “Running For Good” on ultra runner Fiona Oakes, and I am helping produce “Seaspiracy” and a few other films that you will hear about later this year or in a big 2018!

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