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Bali Love Juice

Bali Love Juice

Once upon a time, the only kind of juices that you could find in Bali were sugary fruit juices whipped up in low-quality blenders – with water, sugar and ice added in. Perfect for a Yin-leaning community. Green juice was unheard of in Bali just a few years ago, nor were vegetable juices other than those made from avocado – which is a tropical fruit, not a vegetable!

The opening of Down to Earth in 2003, ushered in a new era and consciousness about the integrity of food and drink. It also marked the introduction in Bali, of the Angel Juicer – known as the Rolls Royce of juicers. Thanks to our Angel, Bali Love Juices were born.

What goes into each Bali Love Juice?

The richness of assorted vegetables and fruit. Pure and simple. No water. No sugar. No preservatives.

Bali Love Juices are freshly pressed and bottled twice a day. They conform to the same high standards that regulate food consumption in Europe.

The combinations in each Bali Love Juice are uniquely designed to support the body’s different needs.

Bali Love Juices can be refrigerated up to three days; but for optimal enzyme benefit, we recommend that you savour it in one day!

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