September 16, 2016
Bali Vegan Festival

Bali’s Vegan Festival

It’s no secret that the vegan movement is growing fast. As more people become aware of the devastating impact on our health and the environment, not […]
September 3, 2016
DTE Bali Blog

Feeling queasy? MSG in Bali

Have you ever felt queasy, nauseous or mildly ill after eating a seemingly ‘heathy’ meal in Bali? What you might attribute to Bali Belly, or simply […]
August 26, 2016
Down To Earth Bali Blog

Sesame seeds from Ethiopia and Quinoa from Peru

Why you will only ingest the best at DTE As many of our loyal customers will know, we have increased the price of some of our […]
Bali Vegan FestivalBali Vegan Festival
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Since our founding in the year 1999 DTE has grown from one home-style kitchen to five different restaurants and marketplaces serving gourmet vegetarian foods. Our immensely popular locations sit in some of southern Bali's busiest and most dense population centers.

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Down To Earth believes that organic products are best for the body, and that Mother Nature knows best. Our company strictly avoids the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in our foods, beverages, and products. we believe in using natural products produced without the use of chemical additives.

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We offer for sale over a thousand different products, each carefully selected for the highest quality. We can provide at wholesale volumes and fair prices any goods and products that we import, grow, bake, prepare, package, or manufacture.

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